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  • Future Consideration: Not near term
  • Scoping: Within 2-4 release cycles
  • Ready to be Scheduled: Within 1-2 release cycles
  • Planned: Will be in the next release cycle

Exportable Campaign Data

I have two large customers with dedicated teams sending campaigns out.  They are asked to report the data regularly, along with metrics.  Today they (and I) are copying and pasting the data from the page into Excel to create these reports and manipulate the data for analysis.

Allowing any user with access to campaigns ability to export data more easily increases efficiency, analysis capabilities and potential to be more widely adopted and used by employment branding/marketing teams.

This would allow the data to be easily exportable for a date range, viewed and manipulated (i.e. create pivot tables/analyze for top performing campaigns in selected months or selected locations, by user, etc)

  • David Sistrunk
  • Jan 18 2019
  • Future Consideration
Estimated Impact

Less time assisting customers with this data.  Potentially positioning the solution more as a marketing/communication tool to customers seeking that functionality in their next CRM.  Expectation for employment marketing/branding teams is ability to put data in and get data out to improve process.


Also allows RPOs/Agency to work from within our solutions with more easy and track/measure and report work/progress/response.


So time savings and potentially a stronger product/module for improved sales performance.


Usage of export tool/self-serve report for any accounts using campaigns regularly.


Sr. Management (Love data); Managers, Employment Branding/Marketing Users, High Volume Recruiters, RPO/Agencies conducting sourcing/marketing/communication on behalf of customer within the customers' systems.

Suggested Release Timeframe

No release time frame, however sooner with other changes about to be rolled out to the campaign reporting - reinforcess the value of those changes made to the one page reporting.

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  • Admin
    Gary Grimes commented
    25 Feb 20:30

    Good idea. This is not currently prioritized but I'll get estimates for it next time I sit with the team for scoping. @David, will providing a csv export just for the data that's shown on the campaign reporting homepage satisfy your customers' needs?

  • David Sistrunk commented
    25 Feb 20:35

    Hello Gary,  I think best case would be CSV for a given time range, but think a CSV file for all campaigns sent for that account would be better than a CSV for just the campaigns on a single page. 

    Some accounts are sending out so many accounts, that compiling multiple CSVs would be almost the same amount of work than copying/pasting data from each page.

  • Admin
    Gary Grimes commented
    25 Feb 22:08

    That makes sense, David. Thanks for your input. We've quite a bit of stability work and other high-priority enhancements coming over the next couple of sprints and into the fall release -- btw, the fall release encompasses summer work, too -- but I'm pretty sure we can get this in by end of the year. I completely agree that any good CRM would support this functionality. So it's not a matter of if we should do this; it's just a matter of when we can fit it in.